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Dregnash Gak Torik
Biographical Information
Date of Death

A.E. 5

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Gorgon SMG


Kantus robes


Killed during the Fall of Landown


Dregnash Gak Torik was a Kantus monk that assisted General RAAM during the Fall of Landown in the Winter of Sorrow of A.E. 5. He led Boomer units, primarily Grinders, through the city, gunning down and obliterating any humans they encountered. However, a COG sniper managed to land a headshot on Gak Torik before being spotted by the sharp-eyed Kantus monk, killing him and causing his Boomers to become confused and disorganized, making them easier prey for Coalition forces. The Boomers were shot apart by a King Raven gunship, but not before one of the Grinders spotted the sniper that killed its leader and shredded the human with a hail of bullets from its Mulcher.

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