Planet Earth before the Great War of the 6th Millenium

Earth is a planet in the Sol system, 30 light years away from Sera.

From Earth to Sera Edit

During the Great War of the 6th Millennium, colony ships were dispatched in an effort to preserve humanity in the event of the war destroying all life. wether this happened was unknown.

The colony ships were equipped with a Tess-Keller Tachyon Drive, able to propel the ships at ten times the speed of light. The stores included mass amounts of food and weapons for whatever the destined planets ecosystems were. The computers contained all earth historical and technological. The approximate population of each ship was 50,000

10 of these ships were bound for Sera. 8 crash landed, and only roughly 175,000 of the initial half-million survived. The computers and most of the stores were destroyed. Only basic knowledge of the 3rd Earth Millennium (Years 2000-2999 A.D.) could be recovered. Eventually Earth itself became something of myth. The beginning of human life on Sera was off to a bad start.

Sera was able to build up, but not without severe problems. Modern Earth technology could have prevented these. As nations built up and resources were used, wars broke out, once again destroying a vast majority of humans in a time known as the Era of Armageddon. The era lasted over a thousand years. The human population had gone from 175,000 to 2 billion, back down to bellow 5,000. It was then that humanity realized it's mistakes, and that if this were to keep up they would be driven to extinction. An era of peace, the Era of Silence, had set in.

Earth History Edit

Little is actually known about Earth, except that it is where humans had come from, and has a similar ecosystem to Sera. The technology on Earth is (or was) vastly superior to what it is on Sera, being capable of travel across th galaxy in a matter of hours, by way of trans-dimensional travel. The Tess-Keller Tachyon Drive placed on the colony ships were nowhere near as advanced as Earth tech could put out. Earth technology very well may be the most advanced in the galaxy. Sadly, all life on Earth is believed extinct, due to the Great War of the 6th Millennium. Sera, in addition to he other planets the colony ships had settled on, are the only places humanity is believed to reside.

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