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"There's Delta, and then there's Echo."
— Sgt.Samuel D. Byrne

Echo-One was a Coalition of Ordered Governments infantry squad during The Locust War and the Lambent Pandemic. Echo was led briefly by Lena Gallo after the death of Erica Fields during the Lambent Pandemic, but was taken over by Sgt.Samuel Byrne just before the Second Battle of Azura.

A month after the end of the Locust War/Lambent Pandemic, now-Lieutenant was given orders to help with communications with the Stranded in Hanover and Ephyra.

Known MembersEdit

CogGear (1)
Samuel D. Byrne

Current Status: Alive

Lieutenant Samuel D. Byrne, a veteran of the Hollow, is a decorated Gear commando currently serving. Although he was imprisoned for attempting to rescue a female prisoner from the Jilane birthing creche, Byrne was pardoned, and has proven his unique value to the COG army many times over.

Alexandria Preston

Current Status: Alive

Private Alexandria Preston, a former Stranded, joined the COG Army after her camp was attacked by Lambent forces, and her father was killed. She joined Echo-One at the behest of then-Sergeant Samuel D. Byrne..

Former MembersEdit


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