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Edge Dorado
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One of the most decorated soldiers in the CoG, Edge Dorado was as loyal as gears came. He first experienced war at the age of 18 when he enlisted in the CoG just one year after Emergence Day. Like many, he chose to leave his family behind and help the human race fight for survival against the relentless Locust Horde. Unlike most gears who were either frightened or fearless when confronted by the locust threat, Dorado was intrigued. He dedicated his first few years as a gear to studying and learning everything there was to know about the locusts. Almost six years after joining the CoG, during a salvage mission in Montevado Dorado recieved news that a locust raid had destroyed his hometown and his wife and two kids were among the casualties. This disheartening event drove Dorado to near insanity and quickly turned him into a reckless, fierce warrior whose only objective was revenge. Formerly a member of Bravo Squad, an altercation with Colonel Hoffman provoked Dorado to abandon his squadmates and mission to hunt down the locust queen (whom he held responsible for his family's death) on his own (This story can be found here). He is listed as rogue by the CoG and gears are advised to shoot him on sight.


After going AWOL, Dorado painted his standard issue armor deep black, and replaced the blue LED lights with red LEDs to show his hatred for the lack of action shown by the CoG. It is also noted that Dorado wears a gas mask that obscures the bottom half of his face and it insures near invulnerability to ink and smoke grenades, although they do have some effect. A gifted craftsmen, he constructed his own Hammerburst/Lancer hybrid by taking the semi-auto/more accurate firing mechanism from the Hammerburst and the trademark chainsaw bayonet from the lancer to create an extremely unique, and formidable weapon. When he is not weilding his hybrid assault rifle (dubbed "Lucille"), Dorado can be seen hunting locust with his Torque Bow.

Post Lightmass Bomb (Present)Edit

After his return from exile, Dorado has been spotted many times by gears whom he has assisted in the midst of ambushes and raids. He is known to have extensive knowledge of locust technology and culture and it is rumored that his time in exile was spent as a locust soldier (he was admitted by the locust queen to join her ranks for reasons unknown to all but the queen and Dorado himself). It is not clear whose side he is on but it is clear that anyone standing in his path doesn't remain standing for long.

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