The Elite boomer group consists of 2 normal Boomers, a Butcher, 3 Flamers and a Grinder. These Boomers were not just anything, but A1 class Boomers which means a top performance. They showed no mercy, a eliminated any competition. This pack had a special scream, a battle cry, a spine-tingling shout of "Death to the Prey!" Whenever this was heard, all COGS reloaded ALL of their guns and battled. This group was involved in the Pendulum Wars, crushing all resistance like they were ants.

Serving the Queen

This group were the Royal Protector Group (RPG - very clever really. When the locust needed the group, they would shout RPG. The COG would think they were winning and advance, only to find the group waiting to crush them) and defended the queen on many occasions, including the battle of Jacinto.

Names and Positions

All of the group had names that matched their application. The 2 boomers were calling Flash and Destroy, the Butcher was Chop, the flamers were Burn, Cook, Ignite and the Grinder was Kill. The leader was Kill, with Flash and Destroy as Cpls. Burn, Cook and Ignite are Privates and Chop is the Rookie.


The first to die out of these was Cook. He was lasered by the Hammer of Dawn trying to reach Augustus Cole. Next was Flash; he was crushed by a out-of-control Beserker. Then Destroy and Burn died together by a King Raven's blades. Then there were 3 left. They went on a suicidal mission to Jacinto to stop Hoffman and kill him. Chop found Hoffman, but Pvt Bellomy sniped Chop, and he fell to the floor. Ignite and Kill then advanced on Hoffman but Bellomy acted again with his skill, and threw a smoke grenade at Ignite. Ignite then gave Kill a chainsaw Boomshot which Destroy had weilded and then leapt a Bellomy. Bellomy then no-scoped Ignite with skill, "Death to the Prey!" Bellomy shouted. Kill then chainsawed Bellomy but Bellomy chainsawed back. A furious battle took place, but Kill triumphed, ripping apart Bellomy. Then a Reaver appeared from the sky with a Cyclops on top. Kill got on and cheered in triumph "I pity you humans!"

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