Biographical Information
Date of Birth

18 BE

Date of Death

Not as yet

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information



Va'asch's rank is roughly the equivalent rank of a C.O.G Sergeant, but through his actions of deciding to stick with Torvaan, he rose no further. This bothered him little as by this time he had almost as much respect for Queen Myrrah as he did the C.O.G. Va'asch generally behaves in a far different way to most locust and has all under his command do the same. Never has he harmed a civilian, or Stranded for that matter (Unless the human fired at him first, but he was generally stealthy in those particular areas). He prefers Locust weaponry compared to their C.O.G counter-parts but will not hesitate to reduce an unfortunate Gear to shreds, using the soldiers own Lancer. Breaking the rules for most Grenadiers however he tends to stay back a bit more to harass the enemy with his own explosives (that and he has seen all too many good Locust cleaved in half by those damn chainsaw bayonets). His custom built weapon (courtesy of Torvaan) the Cobalt combat shotgun, reinforces his way of fighting. Sees all forms of Boomers as slow, stupid and inefficient, and the only thing they are good for is endangering his squad! Va'asch knows that he and his followers are now seen as traitors to all Loyalist Locust, and must now scratch a living from what they can find, and they know it. Torvaan, Grilgar and Arkturus have all grown on him, and takes it on himself to keep them alive.


  • SPECIALTIES: Command, Efficient In All Ranges Of Combat, Vehicle Driving/Commandeering
  • PREFERRED LOAD OUT: Hammerburst Rifle, Cobalt Combat Shotgun, Gorgon Burst Pistol (The pistol was procured from a Kantus, who made the mistake of accusing him of desertion, he now has his shoulders relieved of any recognizable head.) Occasionally seen wielding a Boom Shield, Ink Grenades and sometimes, Smoke Grenades

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