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Emergence War

Interspecies war


0 AE—18 AE




Human Pyrrhic victory

  • COG crumbles
  • Multiple, independent, Human states rise
  • Locust Horde and Lambents obliterated
COGtrans Coalition of Ordered Governments
Various minor groups

"We sank all of our time and effort into that god-war, and we just barely made it out."
— Anonymous

The Emergence War, alternatively known as the Human-Locust War or simply the Locust War, was a major conflict spanning a period of nineteen-and-one-quarter years. The primary belligerents were the Coalition of Ordered Governments and Locust Horde, though other, minor parties were involved at various points.

Uniquely known for the initial campaign of the war, the Emergence War cost the lives of nearly six billion Humans (approximately forty-five percent of the total population) while an estimated ninety-five percent of the Horde's combined population was killed off, effectively compromising the status of the remaining species' populations.


Preceding EventsEdit

Main articles: Pendulum Wars and Locust Civil War

First ContactEdit

Main article: Emergence Day

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The only intended difference between this version of the war is the casualty count of Humanity, which has been changed from 99 percent to 45 percent. If there are any other inconsistencies, please make note of them on this article's talk page.
  • When Gears of War 3 is released, the author will likely rework this article to comply with the newly established canon.

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