Skrol Razorclaw
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

sixteen years before e-day

Date of Death


Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

trying to find Unghuro


History Edit

Skrol sometimes referred to as Scrawl due to the way he writes, is highly regarded amongst the locust for the creation of several fancy new "killing tools". Skrol was the middle of four brothers, Kharn, the oldest was killed in the light mass bombing while on patrol. Svhen the second oldest, turned lambent two years after being stationed in the imulsion mines. Unghuro the youngest, was seperated from Skrol and Tuhnk during the sinking of Jacinto, when Skrol and Tuhnk got away on a Reaver, it is unkown what happened to Unghuro. Skrol is one of the few if not the only locust that is atheist, not being a believer in the trintiy of worms as a form of salvation, this of course put him at odds with most of the Kantus, especially Skorge.

Status as engineer Edit

Skrol is a skilled soldier, and highly talented engineer, so good in fact he was in charge of maintanance for most of the machines in Nexus. Skrol's talent was discovered by General Raam, after he saw a few of the prototype weapons that Skrol had made. Queen Myyrah gave Skrol a small section of Nexus to persue his engineering passion, in hopes that he could create better weapons and better forms of protection for the troops. Skrol had to abandon all of this and start over once Jacinto was flooded.

inventions Edit

Skrol has created many inventions that have helped the locust. Skrol was the creator of the goggles that some of the drones wear to protect their eyes. Some of Skrol's notable inventions include the gorgon pistol, the ink grenade, and the torture barge. Skrol's most reccent invetnion is the double barreled boltok pistol, a bigger faster firing more powerful version of the boltok. He has made nearly a hundred boltoks, but his is the only one that can use longshot bullets. Although he is the creator of the gorgon pistol he is incredibally bad with it, and he constantly jams them.

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