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Fall of Gorasnaya

Fall of Kobrut

Locust War


0 A.E.


Kobrut, Republic of Gorasnaya

  • Locust victory
    • Locust forces overrun and destroy the city of Kobrut
    • 323rd Specialist Group deserts from the Gorasni Army

Gorasni Army

Locust Horde

Brigadier General Marvo Zanov
General Karn
  • 41st Kobruti Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd Kobruti Armored Division
  • 5th Kobruti Rotary Air Wing
  • 323rd Specialist Group
Near total

The Fall of Kobrut was major battle which took place as part of the larger Fall of Gorasnaya during the opening stages of the Locust War in 0 A.E. Kobrut was a major center of industry in Gorasnaya, and as such the Locust sought to destroy it in order to cripple the Gorasni people's capacity to wage prolonged war against them. The Locust, under the leadership of the fearsome General Karn, laid siege to the city, and the Gorasni Army quickly found themselves outnumbered, outflanked, and undersupplied. The battle only lasted three days, and the Gorasni suffered near-complete casualties.

Notably, during the battle, Captain Olin Bucharov of the 323rd Specialist Group decided that Gorasnaya was doomed, and urged his men to desert and flee to the mountains of Wayzatti in Lauczi, where they could more easily defend themselves from the Locust.

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