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SGhalftrans This article, Fall of Nanikawa, was written by Anonymous ONI agent. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Fall of Nanikawa

Locust War


7 A.E.




Locust strategic victory

  • The Nanikawan Peninsula is sunk into the sea
  • The Nanikawan political elite are evacuated to Azura
Coalition of Ordered Governments
Locust Horde
  • A sizable portion of the COG Army
    • 2nd Onyx Guard Infantry
    • 26th Royal Tyran Infantry
      • 2nd Battalion
        • E Company
          • Iota-357
    • 48th Kaskuri Infantry
      • 1st Battalion
        • A Company
        • C Company
    • 79th Brazerian Armored
      • 3rd Battalion
        • H Company
          • 1st Armored Squadron
          • 3rd Armored Squadron
          • 4th Armored Squadron
    • Entire Nanikawan Armed Forces
  • Elements of the COG Navy
    • One Bastion-class escort carrier
      • CNV Taylor L. Carrington
    • Six Project 482-class frigates
      • CNV Christopher G. Kostka
      • CNV Kimberly W. Taylor
      • CNV Diane A. Raley
      • CNV Brent R. Gould
      • CNV Marvin N. Brill
      • CNV Richard W. Hartman
    • Thirty Landing Ship, Tanks
      • LST-2747
      • LST-8352
      • LST-92758
      • LST-2286
      • LST-5234
      • LST-37955
      • LST-9668
      • LST-56953
      • LST-4375
      • LST-53943
      • LST-4715
      • LST-9817
      • LST-48764
      • LST-8811
      • LST-74933
      • LST-34451
      • LST-4600
      • LST-70721
      • LST-65367
      • LST-78504
      • LST-70050
      • LST-92169
      • LST-66216
      • LST-19070
      • LST-45486
      • LST-91154
      • LST-82441
      • LST-33725
      • LST-80674
      • LST-91662

Roughly one million Locust

  • 45% of total military forces
  • Three and a half million civilians

The Fall of Nanikawa was a large military engagement which took place during the Locust War in 7 A.E. The stated goal of the operation was for the COG to protect a "potential bastion of safety", as until that point, Nanikawa had been believed to have been impenetrable to the Locust. However, this was simply a cover so that Onyx Guard could be deployed to evacuate Nanikawa's political and intellectual elite to Azura.

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