Made of war veterans from the Pendelum Wars and Locust War and Lambent Invasion, serving in numerous battles from Operation Hallowstorm to Sinking of Jacinto. They were described by many Gears as heroic though some what skilled even to Gears standards. They even fought during the Winter of Sorrow, fighting off Locust coming back repeating "like E-Day all over again." They then fought out the whole rest of the bloody war that continued wiping the COG back further and further.

                        ==After E-Day==

During the battle of Ephyra they took a last stand at the East Barracks, when Marcuas fled they and the surviving forces fled the city on King Ravens. Later during the Lightmass Offense the squad of veterans with the exception of Pvt. Calean Freeman, they were seperated from COG forces and were in Mungkuls words "Screwed with a spice of hell and Locust," and were considered MIA. But Calean was able to make his way back to Jacinto and told Anya Stroud they were alive and needed rescue and that they had found some stranded volunteers. They were eventualy found by Alpha Seven, and brought back to Jacinto with new recruits fo the Gears.

                     ==Current members== 

Srgt. "Uncle" Mungkul Pol: Current leader of Charlie squad, he is experienced, tough and commpassionate for his squad. He served during the Pendulum Wars as a private and was promoted on E-Day to sargent by Col. Hoffman. After saving a small town from the Locust, when his squad leader died, he took comand then led them to Jacinto after hearing of the Fortifacation act.

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