Biographical Information
Date of Birth

14 BE

Date of Death


Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Very much alive


Torvaan's story is not so different from Va'asch's, being slightly younger than his commander, they had known each other well, brought up, conscripted, and then battled together. Torvaan finds his elders rigid code of honor too 'boring' but follows his orders always without question. Torvaan found Va'asch's endeavors of one day replacing RAAM also just as un-interesting to him. Normally takes care of all repairs and tinkering for whatever squad he is assigned to, and through a little string-pulling, this is normally Va'asch's. Has a great interest in engineering and has pathed the way for much experimental locust weapons tech, including Va'aschs beloved Cobalt. The only other thing that piques Torvaan's interest as much as engineering is fire. Making do without the back mounted tank (he had seen far too many explode due to canny C.O.G fire) he stuck with regular scorcher, providing the close support for the squad. The day of reckoning when the Hollow was flooded, he was saddened greatly by loss of his brethren, and would have perished along with them, if not for Va'asch stopping his suicidal pyromaniac rampage. He had learned the ins and outs of most C.O.G war machines and had grown to trust them and use them as much as possible, to the disgust of his Locust superiors. For his survival, he has only Va'asch to thank.


  • SPECIALTIES: Pyrotechnics, Engineering, Getting into Trouble
  • PREFERRED LOAD OUT: Scorcher Flame Thrower, Pendulum Wars Lancer (The only version he was able to get hold of at the time, and has stuck with it since.), Snub Pistol (Uses it for its limited sniping capabilities), Frag Grenades, Incendiary Grenades

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