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FORT BLOCK, Recruitment Staging Area
...a sign frozen to the utility post, hangs high, scouting over makeshift buildings and garages, looming with fuel heaters and generators, as the scent of exhaust mixed with the winter aroma fills the air with bliss and promise of food, shelter, and possibly a warm shower for a group of grimy grunts just stepping out from their APC’s from a long ride.
(Snowblind: Chapter 1)

Location Edit

Fort Block, Recruitment Center, (is also referred to as “The Block”) is a central staging area for recruitment, conscription, military supply, and vehicle maintenance. Located north of Port Farall, closer to the outskirts of Glacier Valley, Fort Block has served the COG, even during the Pendulum Wars.


The fort was established sometime during the Pendulum Wars as a secured location for military supply, to surpass the harsh, Frost conditions that were frequent in the area. In the early days, the Block received most of it's power from Hurl Dam, until the Plantire Immulsion Mining Station supplied an alternate, cheap, abundant fuel source, making the Dam obsolete, despite James Wilkinson's claim that hydroelectricity from Hurl Dam was much more cleaner, safer, and just as reliable. After the Plantire Corp, along with Sante Fe Corp., lobbied with the government for Immulsion "energy" expansion, Fort Block soon followed suit with Port Farrall, and began to rely on the alternate fuel source instead.

Snowblind Edit

With the harsh, cold conditions laying Port Farrall to waste, many of the COG's forces were relocated to the Fort Block, one of a few places that still had working electricity and a functioning hospital. As the conditions worsen, the Block and its “outposts” have been a reoccurring target by either Stranded insurgencies, or renegade Locusts, or maybe even both. To quash the attacks from escalating further, the COG deploy ten Gear squadrons, with five Feral scouts, to find and eliminate the insurgencies, but the mission ends in calamity as three out of the ten, make it back to the Block, alive, while another (Sigma One) was still wandering out in the wilderness.

With many of Jacinto's remnants, and majority of the COG's forces, stationed at the Block, Colonel Hoffman decided to bring the battle to Glacier Valley, to keep the Stranded militia away from the civilians and their armaments.

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