This article, Fort Gallant, was written by Zeno Panthakree. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Fort Gallant is a small, well-supplied fort in the reclaimed territories surrounding Jacinto Plateau. It is built over a thick underground dome made out of titanium tp protect against Corpsers and Emergence holes. It  has 13 anti-air and ground defense cannons. Inside the forts walls are an armory, a mess hall, a communications tower, and an infirmary. The fort is periodically attacked by far off Seeders, but the anti-air cannons make short work of them. Unlike most bases, which are quickly destroyed by Corpsers, the titanium dome underground protects the entire fort and surrounding areas for 250 meters, a feature most bases are adapting. This also allows room around the base for small settelments and for farmland to supply the base, allowing it to last longer if it is sieged. Seliin was in charge of the armory, but when she had to work with Delta Squad another specialist was put in charge.


Fort Gallant is nmot far from Aspho Fields, where Marcus got a medal for valor.

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