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Northeastern Tyrus

Date Founded

27 A.E.


900 as of 42 A.E.




Frallin was a small Confederation of Ordered Governments settlement in northeastern Tyrus, near the Joren mountain range. Originally established as an Outsider settlement in 27 A.E., in 35 A.E. it joined the Confederation in exchange for protection from the COG.

In 42 A.E., after a number of mysterious disappearances along the Confederation's border settlements, K Company of the 1st Clayvale Infantry was stationed in Frallin as a precautionary measure. Not long after, the settlement would be besieged by an unknown foe, and the majority of its population were taken, with the remainder being evacuated to Clayvale. Only after the battle would the attackers be identified as the Swarm, the resurgent Locust Horde.

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