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Frank Adam Young Kim

Biographical information Edit

Homeland: Tyrus
Date of birth:20 B.E.

Physical description and equipment Edit


Weapons Edit

Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

Chronological and political informationEdit

Eras:Pendulum Wars, Locust War, Battle for Epyhra, Lambent Pandemic
Affiliation: COG, Shark 5,4,9, Zulu 5 , Bravo 9 , Sun 4 ,Onyx and Allfathers

Joining the COG Edit

Kim was born on 20 B.E. He got his own squad named Shark 5 and was cousin to Lt.Minh Young Kim.

E-DAY Edit

"What the hell is that?"

                                - Kim on E-DAY 

Kim and his squadmate Ryan helped some other gears clean up Epyhra when General RAAM had sent out 2 Brumaks and 5 squads of Hunter Elites and 10 Theron Elites. Ryan and Kim Killed the Brumaks and 2 squads on Hunter Elites when One of the Therons Punched Ryan to death. Kim was so angry he ran out of cover killed all the Therons and ended up getting shot in the chest and was taken to Jacinto Med. He got a allfathers medal for saving a squad of gears by putting his life on the line to stop the locust.

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