Frank Mein
Date of Birth 17 Years before Emergence Day
Date of Death Unknown
Date of Death AB+
Gender Male
Height 6'6
Weight 11 Stone
Occupation *Ruler of Everul City
Marital Status Deloris Jenny
Relative[s] *Wife:Deloris Jenny
  • Son:Chris Mein
Status Ruler of the Stranded

Frank Mein is a Stranded who took over Everul City with his rationed forces when the majority of the Locust left the area. When the COG invaded in the Stranded-COG war, Frank had employed a heavy defence system with his Stranded population after 17 years. He became leader of the Stranded after a succesful attack on a heavily Guarded COG base. He fought in the war alongside working for his family; his son Chris and his wife Deloris. When the Treaty of Emergence was signed when the remainder of the Locust forces and the Riftworms attacked the cities, Frank fought alongside the COG in trying to defeat the revenge of the Locust. When the Locust took him as a POW, Frank was MIA. Later returning five years later when the Lambent forces let him go.


Early LifeEdit

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