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Locust commander
Furie si Ura
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Unknown; Before E-Day

Physical Characteristics

Locust Drone


7ft 2.61in





Miscellaneous Information

Hammerburst Assault Rifle, Machete




Furie si Ura, known simply as Furie, is a Locust Drone active in the South Islands of Sera due to the Hordes inability to bypass the abyssal trench protecting some of the islands. He commands a group of Locust who remain on the surface unlike their brethren.

Personality & Traits Edit

Furie is a loyal subject of Queen Myrrah. Her word to him is law, which is why he keeps himself and the Locust under his command on the surface to enact her will on areas not susceptible to the Locusts' tunneling advantage. Cruel and sadistic but also highly intelligent, Furie holds almost complete control over his assigned troops and is a deadly shot with his Hammerburst Assault Rifle.

Whether it be COG or Stranded, Furie doesn't care. He sees all humans as weaklings in need of crushing, much like insects and likens himself to the Queen's hammer and the troops under his command as the nails. Like most of the horde, Furie doesn't care who he kills - man, woman or child. To him they're all the same and deserve the same fate. He particularly loves killing young children and usually takes extra time killing them while making their parents watch. He usually facilitates this torture by means of his machete.

Trivia Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

This Locust remaining on the surface to attack the South Islands is a shout-out to the Savage Locust introduced in Gears of War 3. This Locust, as well as those under his command, are designed as foreshadowing to the Savage Locust and could be considered as a precursor to their savage, surface-swelling ways in the final game.

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