Date of Birth 12 Years before E-Day
Date of Death hasn't... yet
Date of Death believed to be A-
Gender Female
Height 4' 9
Weight 95lbs
Race Human
Occupation Stranded
Marital Status Single - Underage
Relative[s] Parents - Dead
Status Active

"Life's a bitch, and then you meet one."
— Unknown
"One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged."
— Heinrich Heine

Gabrielleh (or Gabs/Gabby as called by Kurt) is a 14-year-old stranded girl that Kurt Whitcomb met while scavenging for supplies on his way to Pithodi with Paul. She had originally tried to kill Kurt with a combat knife she had stolen from a dead gears body after surviving E-Day. Kurt managed to prevent this, and told her if she wanted to live without being a scavenger, she should come with him. Gabrielleh accepted, but only because she had no food left, and no way of obtaining more in the near future.

History Edit

Gabrielleh had been living with her parents in a small town when E-Day occured. During the chaos, both of her parents were killed, which she blames on the CoG for not being prepared against this threat, despite being war-hardend, and supposedly ready for anything. Due to her blame on the CoG, she would later attempt to kill Kurt, who had not ditched his CoG armor, due to his belief in the defense it provided. Gabrielleh has a strong dislike for Paul, who wanted to leave her behind, claiming that "She's just gunna try to kill you again Kurt! Why take something that's gunna screw us both over later!?" Kurt left Paul's question unanswered.

She now lives in Pithodi, under the watchful eye of Tao.

Appearance Edit

Gabrielleh is an average 14-year-old girl, with long black hair that usually covers at least one of her eyes. Her most notable feature is the long twisted scar on her back, which she got shortly after E-Day from a kryll attack. She managed to survive the attack thanks to a few stranded that had come across her with torches to protect themselves (and unknowningly, her) from the kyrll. Mediocre medical attention failed to heal the wound up properly, and she was left with the scar as an everlasting reminder.

Trivia Edit

  • Gab's theme song is "Voices Off Camera" by Rise Against
  • Gab has a crush on Kurt, mostly because he didn't kill her when she attacked him, and because he protected her from Paul.
  • Gab now goes almost completely comatose when she hears or sees kryll, due to the incident involving the scar on her back.

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