This is a role playing game based on gears of war and anyone can join. Its word based. I got another wiki for my own role playing, but this is one for Gears of War.

Alpha TeamEdit

  • Leader-JosephFrost0304. I use just a plain Lancer gun and wear blue armor.
  • Sniper-Sgt. Will Kulm. Longshot and Lancer in full COG armor.
  • (3 spots open)

Bravo TeamEdit

Charlie TeamEdit

  • Leader- LT.Howl Lancer and Snub pistol- in grey worn cog armor no helmet
  • CQB/CQC Specialist- Hunter Zealot- Adorned in full COG Onyx Guard armor, painted white. Stands far over six feet and uses a Scorcher Flamethrower and Gnasher Shotgun. Unbreakable in combat and follows orders without second thought; High Command often debates over his mental state of determining right from wrong.
  • (4 spots open)

Delta TeamEdit

  • (3 spots open)
  • Leader- User:Xbox360loligann The Leader of Delta. He always uses a Hammerburst and cares for his teammates. He wears Blood stained, grey COG armour.
  • Medic- User:Xbox360loligan The Medic of Delta. He uses a Torque Bow and Snub Pistol. He wears White COG armour with the left sleeve ripped off.
  • Close Quarters Specialist- User:Kraftie9119 He uses a Gnasher and a Retro Lancer. He Wears Grey armor with gold outlines and no sleeves.

Echo TeamEdit

  • (4 Spots open)
  • Leader- User:Xbox360loligan I wear black, scarred armour and I have a Gnasher Shotgun and Boltok Pistol. I have a dark past...

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