Quote of the Month is an award granted monthly by the Gears of War Fanon Wikia Administration to a fanon that produces a standout quote. Whether it's hilarious, deep, or simply interesting, it stands a chance of winning. The quote does not necessarily have to be spoken by a character. The only exception is famous quotes (aka quotes spoken by anyone that is not a user), which are not valid for this contest. This page serves as a record of past given awards and includes a link for administrators to vote for current nominees of the award.

To vote in this contest, please go to the Nominations Page.


It is awarded monthly, and decided by the community. Any user, administrator or non-administrator, may suggest a quote for the award and anyone can vote for a quote. Whatever nomination aggregates the most votes is selected as the Quote of the Month for that month.

Nominations should be submitted at the official Nominations Page, which also contains guidelines and rules.


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