Gears of War: Aftermath is a story which takes place after Gears of War 2. It does not include features of Gears of War 3 nor is it anything to do with Gears of War 3, it is just a story written by Gruntijackal about after the events of Gears of War 2.



  • Queen Myrrah
  • Skorge (he wasn't confirmed dead)



  • General JAAR
  • Captain Killij



  • Marcus Fenix
  • D.Carmine
  • Dominic Santiago
  • Damon Baird
  • Cole Train
  • Richard Prescott
  • Colonel Hoffman
  • Anya Stroud
  • others


As the King Raven Helicopters left Jacinto's remains, the Locust Queen was on her Reaver, talking to her Pilot about the Humans, "Your world can end in the blink of an eye. One event, one unexpected twist of fate... and suddenly the world as you knew... is gone. Forever. All that you held dear, all that you held close... is washed away in a sea of distant memory. Life... is cruel. Of this I have no doubt. But life continues on... with, or without you. One can only hope that one leaves behind a lasting legacy. But so often, the legacies we leave behind... are not the one we intended."

The Reavers glided through the air, silently. Queen Myrrah sat on her Reaver, staring into the distance. The King Ravens were retreating from their last bastion of hope against her once grand and feared empire. As the Reaver glided through the air, Marcus was on the Raven. Dom was looking at the picture of his once and always beloved wife, Maria. Dom held the picture close to his face. On the Raven beside it, Damon Baird nodded at Marcus respectivly, the Locust were defeated, hopefully twice and for all. At the same time, Cole was leaning over the edge, puking, "Man, do I hate these Choppers!"

"Keep it down, you baby, you'll wake a Riftworm up with your complaining," Baird replied.

"Yeh, I suppose with the Riftworm gone, it would come back to life to kill Cole," Marcus joked. Dom was in no mood for humour, he had killed hundreds of thousands of Locust to avenge his wife, but it wasn't enough. He wanted Maria back. Anya came outside the Cockpit of the King Raven, "Well, i made it out just in time, but I sure will miss control," she gave a long, drawn sigh. The Ravens were flying over Land now, and a Stranded was walking in the city of Landown, as Cole puked yet again. It landed on the Stranded's hat, he took it off and glared at the Raven, chucking his hat at it, "Get back here you son 'bitch!" The Raven flew lower, the wings blew the Stranded off his feet as the Raven rose into the air again. Marcus could see the Building in which they had found Niles and the Sires, "Maybe we should take a visit to good 'ol Niles..."

"What, are you insane man?" Baird replied in disgust.

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