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Dark Times is a story of The Storm series, which covers the story of Samuel Byrne's military career prior to Last Stand. It takes place in 9 A.E. but flashbacks to years before including 0 A.E., and 8 A.E..
Dark Times is overseen by its creator, A.J. Bryant.



Dramatis PersonaeEdit





  • Tyrus
    • Autrin

Organizations and titlesEdit

  • Coalition of Ordered Governments
    • Coalition of Ordered Governments Army
      • 501st Legion
  • Locust Horde

Vehicles and vesselsEdit

  • King Raven
  • Centaur

Weapons and technologyEdit

  • Mk. 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
  • Mk. 1 Lancer Assault Rifle
  • Boomshot
  • Troika
  • Hammerburst
  • Hammerburst II


  • Gorasni (language)
  • Tyran (language)

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