Note: This is rated M for Blood, gore and guts in your face, also for suggestive scenes of love.


The locust have just been hit with the lightmass bomb but have not died. They keep fighting, killing more and more of the humans. The humans fight with confidence that they will succeed. The Locust are getting stronger and the hmans are rnning out of plans.

Act 1Edit

Chapter 1Edit

"A new recruit, just what we need another rookie," said Barid. " Yeah well this aint no rookie, he's seen combat, his entire team was wiped out and now he is with us." said Dom. " Well who is he, I wanna know," said Cole. "Marcus remember Anthony Carmin, well this is his bid brother,"said Dom. " Ha another Carmine,well where is he," said Marcs. "Here sir, Clay Carmine reporting for duty," said Clay. "Well I think you know your stuff so how did you get stck with us in this base," said Marcus. " Well it..." said Clay, he was interupted an explotion. "Crap, they're in the base, Clay I hope yor ready," said Marcus. Two COGs were blown into peices as the team passed, Clay wiped the intetines off his armor. The Locust had gotten into the base and were killing the COGS. One COG was ambushed by wretches and was eaten, Clay nearly pucke when he saw one take out the COG's eyeball, and another take out part of his stomach. Cole shot a Locust's head off and Barid chain sawed a drone. Clay lopped a grenade and it blew the Locust to peices. The blood got on Clay who tripped into the intestines of a COG. "They're falling back, keep pushing," said Dom who just beat down a drone. They pushed them outside and realized it was a trap. The Locust lured them out where there was more of them. The team took cover and fought them, a king raven flew over them and killed most of them. The king raven was shot and crashed a few kilometers away. The Locust ran away and the team was told the pilot of the raven was alive and was to be rescued.

Act 2Edit

The team followed the smoke to get to the Raven. "So how was you first day of combat," said Cole. " It was... um gross," said Clay still wiping the eyball juice off his armor. At that moment a Locust drone jumped at Clay and tackled him. They rolled into the bushes and fought, punching the drone in the face. After two minutes the drones face was inside it's head. "Ah, I got brains on my helmet," said Clay.

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