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Chapter I: Enter Dante Edit

Dante Fox trudged down the muddied, abandoned path with the view of Tamaro's smoldering ruins still barely visible in the distance behind him. Just hours earlier, he was there along with many other Stranded defending the small community that they established in the abandoned city against a Locust siege. Now, from what he could tell, Dante was the only person that managed to survive the savage attack and get out of the city.

Dante had been trekking away from Tamaro since a few hours after midnight but now he could see the sun starting to peak over the horizon -- walking out in the open at night was one thing, but doing it during the day was almost a guaranteed way of meeting an early and painful death with all the Locust who now lived on the surface following the flooding of the Hollow. Dante knew that he'd have to find some shelter soon before anyone or anything spotted him.

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