Creeping Gears by Crotale

Gears Keep Turning

Gears of War: The Storm: Essential Guide is a Gears of War storyline authored by Jacen Fett with some input from associates, with some contributions from other writers as well. It is the writers' own perception and expansion of the Gears of War lore, gaining the perception of the war from the eyes of new Gears as well as civilians.
Gears of War: The Storm is divided into four stories: Last Stand, At War, Diaries, and Dark Times.

“We cowered in fear at the sight of a mysterious enemy, we scavenged to survive, we fought back, we destroyed our own to live another day, and now... finally we join together in one last effort to restore our world to a brighter future, and a better life for all of humanity.”
Last Stand is the first story of Gears of War: The Storm, which covers the stories of a number of Gears in the time between the Coalition of Government's dissolution and the end of Locust War and the Lambent Pandemic. Last Stand intends to shed light on the last days of the Locust War/Lambent Pandemic, as well as provide multiple unique perspectives on the conflict and the moral questions presented in humanity's efforts to survive.
Last Stand is overseen by its creator, Jacen Fett.

At War, taking place immediately after Emergence Day, follows the story of a group of Gears who have become seperated from the rest of the surviving COG forces. These Gears, led by a Lieutenant, must fend for themselves against intimidated civilians, and the quickly rising threat of the Locust Horde. Even though a prequel, a few of the characters are carried over from Last Stand.

Diaries, is series of letters and journal entries written by multiple Seran citizens.

Dark Times, taking place eight years after Emergence Day, follows the story of Samuel D. Byrne's early military career.

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