Gears of War Four: The Last Soldier will reveal a tragic ending to the Delta Squad and unveil a last soldier standing for the whole entire COG in this powerful Xbox 360 and Xbox One game.


Act 1: The Great Crusade - Son of WarEdit

The Second Human-Locust War begin and this time they brought a entire Alpha Locust commanding army. Delta Squad stands united with one hope left. Marcus Fenix could not believe Delta's hopes depends on a run-away-turned-hero, a son of a war hero of the pendulum wars who died of a disease named Connor Ragnarok. They battled the locust within the hospital called L-Gando Emergencies. They met old delta allies, Cole and Baird within the hospital and ambush the locust throughout until they fought a Alpha Locust and were saved by Connor when he was using a Gargo Gauss Cannon. Marcus was upset and yelled at him while holding him by the collar and picked him up the ground with ange but calmly puts him down.

Act 1: The Great Crusade - Losing your HeadEdit

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