Gorkil "The Devastator"
Biographical Information
Date of Birth


Date of Death

Severely crippled but alive

Physical Characteristics



258 lbs

Miscellaneous Information

Active but in more minor roles


"Fear the Queen save the horde!! ~Gorkil screaming his difiance at a COG commando foolish enough to confront him alone~

Gorkil started out as a Locust Grandier and like RAAM only served a single year before being promoted to the Elite palace guards. The queen took notice of the Locust and admired him he was not an ordinary Locust,he secretly desired to become King of the Locust, Gorkil was smart, very smart, and dangerous so he was promoted to Theron General incharge of the 862th Royal division. He later had many Skirmishes and battles with Vance Xentan of the Gears. He was known as the "Devastator" for his work at the battle of Union Fields where he destoryed three COG Armies (worth 12 thousand and a half men) with his Eight Thousand using every tactic at his disposal.

Life as a Grandier Edit

Gorkil was born like most other Locusts at his time. He was noteably vicious and angry at the sight of humans (likely due to his dad being a Grandier in the frontlines of the war. He was noteably weak with convenstional warfare and was deemed the "weakest" grandier out of the batch of his group. He was assigned to the 25th Support legion and his first battle was at Valor fields. He nearly lost his arm as his unit was ambushed by COG soldiers who snuck up on them. However by the end of the battle the Locust lost the battle and two thousand of their men to the COG's nine hundred. Disgraced by the failure he trained hard and learned to have a lack of emotion for life as a whole. His next battle was at the islands off Sera where he and his legion helped the 99th royal infantry to crush the COG 5th Infantry core with no survivors humilating the COG.

Lambent Rebellion Edit

"Demon....creatures....die!" ~Gorkil killing a lambent theron~

The week afterward (six months after the lightmass offensive) Gorkil was ordered back underground and granted to be a theron guard and led Sigma squad (English translation) Squad fighting beside grand commander Skorge and general Haldor. He led his squad well but suffered the death of five of his twelve Therons. He killed a good amount of lambent before being forced to retreat with burn marks, bullet wounds, and a broken ankle. The Lambent would soon overwhelm his soldiers at Xaiv's will near the city of landdown.

skirmish in the deadlands Edit

"sand....turn to glass...." ~Gorkil telling his men to incinerate everything that moves even the sand~

The month afterwards the still crippled Gorkil was sent by the queen to take over the deadlands from a stranded group. The attack was swift and brutal ending with a bloody massacare of the stranded who were strung up from the sandy cliffs. this allowed the main armies of general skorge's men to advance forward to jacinto quicker with more suppplies.

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