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SGhalftrans This article, Gornuk, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Biographical Information
Date of Death

17 A.E.

Physical Characteristics


  • 7'3 (Pre-Mutation)
  • 9'4 (Post-Mutation
  • 436 lbs (Pre-Mutation)
  • 1,235 lbs (Post-Mutation)


Miscellaneous Information

Theron armor




Gornuk was a Theron Sentinel who commanded Locust troops in many engagements over the course of the Locust War. Patient, pragmatic, and a skilled tactician, Gornuk was one of the most intelligent Locust ever encountered, which allowed him to rapidly ascend the ranks to become a Theron Guard and survive numerous disasters such as the Lightmass Bombing and the Sinking of Jacinto, which killed millions of other Locust. After the Sinking, Gornuk gathered many Locust survivors together into a large army, based in the Deadlands near the coastal city of Clayvale. In late 16 A.E., Queen Myrrah made contact with Gornuk and his forces, bringing them back into the reorganized Horde, now known as the Queen's Guard. Because of his troops' loyalty to him, Myrrah made him and his "Inner Circle" the field commanders of the Guard and granted them all the "Queen's Blessing", in actuality a pheromone that caused them to grow massively in size and strength. With this, they successfully lead a Locust invasion of the secret island of Azura, slaughtering the Onyx Guard defenders and the majority of the civilian population, save Professor Adam Fenix. When Coalition remnants returned several days later, Gornuk was finally killed by Lieutenant Colin Davis, a man whom he had encountered and fought with several times in the past.

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