H30 A3 "Combat Rifle"
Production information

3rd Generation


Sniper Rifle

Technical specifications

47 inches

Damage Per Hit

An average of 75 out of %100

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

12 x 24 (36 total)

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Armor Piercing, .300 Winchester Magnum

Rate of Fire







9 A.E. (9 years after E-Day)



The H30 A3 was an experimental sniper rifle made nine years after Emergence Day. It is a semi-automatic, long-range weapon meant to improve some of the drawbacks marksmen encountered from the Longshot sniper rifle.

History Edit

The Longshot rifle is a powerful rifle that COGs use to take down Locusts in a far range. There is a large disadvantage, though: the bolt-action of the weapon makes it difficult to attack enemy units faster after the shot is fired. Enemies can attack snipers when they are reloading a single bullet into the weapon chamber. This can be worse when enemies with assault weapons get in close enough to make targeting with a long range weapon very difficult.

The military began to perform a project to make a sniper rifle that perform well in far ranges, and allow faster rate of fire to react quickly against groups of Locust. The H30 was voted best in design, and around a hundred of H30 A1's were issued to COG marksmen. The reviews that came back from its surviving users were near-unanimous to be positive. The semi-automatic firing mode outperformed the Longbow and made taking down enemies from far range seem easier than ever. The 12-round box magazine that houses powerful .300 Magnum rounds can tear through standard armor of most units.

More improvements were added to make the weapon perform like a dream (i.e. fixing of occaisional jamming, lighter weight, and addition of a telescope stock). Several hundreds of the final generation, the H30 A3's, were shipped out to COG soldiers in need. These rifles became did a key role on far-range combat in the battlefield. It was also used partially in close quarters battle, where the stock of the weapon was closed and allowed a shorter rifle that sent out 12 rounds of danger to charging Locust.

In a unexpected turn, the secret factory that manufactures the weapons was invaded by a convoy of Locust. The automatic security programs in the base safely evacuated the workers and designers, destroyed around 400 more H30 A3's prepared to be shipped out, and burned and deleted any blueprints of the weapon, causing it nearly to cease to exist.

The last A3 models were highly prized and were kept away from the Locust from obtaining and using them. A few attempts were made to give back a few rifles to their designers to remake blueprints and allow mass-producing of the weapons in other factories, but they were never found.

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