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“Ah…the prodigal daughter returns,” Morose (Intermissiion VI)


As with most Feral, there is little information regarding Hagar's history, however, it is known that she was one of the original five Feral scouts that was deployed with the Gears to search for the Stranded insurgencies out in Glacier Valley.


As mentioned before, Hagar was a surviving member of the Feral clan of the valley, whom volunteered to help lead one of the Gear squads through the terrain. Unbeknownst to both the Gears, and the Feral, was that Hagar turned out to be a mole for the Stranded militia, lead by Morose. As a result, six out of ten squads were ambushed and killed, while hunting down the last remaining squad, Sigma, out in the wilderness, after Sigma's King Raven unexpectedly went down before they reached their drop off point.

Although Sigma’s Feral scout, Raven, managed to figure out that they were being followed, she didn’t know by whom, until her capture when she came face to face with the Feral mole herself. It was then discovered that Tamar had instructed Hagar, to lead the Stranded militia to the Feral clans of the valley, consequently ambushing and killing majority of the women and children.

Furious by Hagar’s betrayal, Raven gets into a skirmish with Hagar, bludgeoning her until Morose ordered his men to put an end to the one-sided fight. It was also at this same time that Hagar revealed to both Morose and Raven, that Tamar was Raven’s biological mother, in hopes to salvage Tamar’s offspring, as bargained in exchange for offering assistance against the COG.

Before the battle in Glacier Valley between the Stranded militia and the Cog forces, Hagar turned against the Stranded by partially sabotaging the device the Stranded used to jam all radio and satellite frequencies. She manages to escape and then disappears out into the wilderness. Her whereabouts are unknown until a month later, when she is apparently reunited with Tamar, south of Ephyria.

Personality and Traits Edit

Hagar, makes it pretty clear in the end of Snowblind, that her allegiance is with Tamar, but for what purpose is yet to be seen.

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