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H4vv MK-1 by GollumG
Havvik Light-Mortar/Grenade-Launcher
Production information

COG Militech Suppliers




Light Mortar/Grenade Launcher

  • 550 Jullian Pounds for the Launcher
  • 0 per POINT round (Microfactored rounds from Metal atoms thus making them infinite)
  • 200 per Frag and HE Grenade
  • 300 per Pyro Grenade
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • Frag and HE: Heavy
  • Pyro: Very Heavy
  • Melee Damage:very Low
  • POINT damage: none
Magazine Size

6 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition
  • 36 Rounds
  • infinite POINT Rounds
Ammunition Type

55mm Grenade (Frag, High-Explosive, Pyro)

  • "Mortar-Launch-System" MLS
  • Micro-Atom Manufacturer for POINT Rounds
  • Directfire mode
Rate of Fire
  • 12 Grenades Per Minute
  • 60 RPM for the POINT Rounds
  • Very High when using "MLS"
  • Medium when directly fired

up to 155 Metres for MLS, 75 metres with direct fire mode


Pendulum Wars. Very Scarce in late Human-Locust Wars, mass produced after the war


Boomshot Grenade Launcher, Mortar


Deshenko Smoke-EMP Grenade




Developed by the COG as urban clearing weapon, the ML/GL-H4vv was first introduced in the 51st year of the Pendulum War. One Squad of GEARS, armed with the still pre-production model proved the efficience of the new Launcher as they cleared an UIR Outpost with the Havvik Launched HE-Grenades. The losses for the UIR forces were fatal, with over 150 fallen under the heavy bombardment. The GEARS otherwise were even not noticed thanks to the "Mortar-Launching-System"(MLS) of the Havvik of being used as hand-artillery. The Technology behind the precise MLS was almost lost when the COG GL-H4vv-Factory was destroyed during the 72nd Year of the Pendulum War. The POINT-Rounds, fired from the Havviks, are silent and send pre-configured signals for the GL-H4vv that fired them. This prevents enemy captured H4vv's from using the same POINT-positions that other Havvik Grenade Launchers fired. Only fewer than 7 Havvik Light-Mortar/Grenade-Launcher remained in the late Human-Locust War. Mass production began after the war.


The POINT Round

Developed prior the Pendulum Crisis in the Golden Age for Civilian and Commercial uses, it was soon reused for the Military. The POINT is essentially a microsize Transmitter that sends Satelite-configured signals to the Grenadelauncher that fired the Round.

The Grenades Rounds

The Havvik Light-Mortar/Grenade-Launcher uses Frag, HE and the infamous PYRO-Grenades. The Frag and HE Rounds were developed during the Pendulum Wars. Each was fitted with a microstabilator and a microchip. The PYRO-Grenade was created when the COG requested a anti-Locust weapon that could end the War.

This article, Havvik Light-Mortar/Grenade-Launcher, is a fanfiction that does not follow the preestablished Gears of War canon.

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