"At first I thought you were mad."

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Biographical Information
Date of Birth

11 BE

Date of Death

Are kidding? You try and kill this guy

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Beating people to death right now


No, this page is not about a fist-sized rocket spewing heavy machine gun, but it is indeed about a Locust that at a distance you could be forgiven mistaking for him for a boomer. Standing at 8ft 10 inches he is truly a monster, rumoured to be from the same strain as RAAM he somehow was dumped with the un-suiting role as a bolter. He and the squad he was dumped with came up with the heavy bolter name shortly afterwards. He can easily wield a Mulcher just as well as Torvaan turns anything that moves in front of him to ash. Has strength enough to hold and fire a Lancer/Hammerburst with one hand. Va'asch, with much bribing and favour asking, had the soldier transfered to his squad of miscreants, noting that Skorge had had his eye on him, wanting to breed him and somehow try to make ALL Locust as bulky and as powerful as Arkturus. In the end Arkturus had no choice but to accept, but not before Va'asch got him the hell outta there. Only now has he chosen to wear armour, simply pushing the protection aside for speed, but now his muscley frame would be put to good use, and he would be nigh unstoppable.


  • SPECIALTIES: Heavy Weapons, Heavy Lifting For Torvaan
  • PREFERRED LOAD OUT: Hammerburst LMG (Hammerburst with capcity of 120 rounds, better RPM, contains coolant system for over heat, much bulkier than original), Gnasher Shotgun, Boltok Pistol (Retained from 'Bolter' days) Frag Grenades and Boom Shield

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