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Helix Squad
Helix Squad
Unit Background

Combat Engineers



Unit size

9 Gears; 1 C1 Desipich Phoenix

  • Lee Royce (0 A.E.)
  • Tory White (13 A.E.)
Current Status



Helix Squad is an Infantry Squad in the 8th Tyran Armored Royal Cuirassiers. The Squad was formed in 0 A.E. and sent to the Combat Engineers platoon of the 11th Tyran Engineers. The original squad leader, Lee Royce, was killed by a Kantus Priest during the West Barricade Campaign and Corporal Tory White was promoted to Sergeant to fill the spot. The squad continuedd to take part in multiple battles including Operation Midnight, Lightmass Offensive, Siege of Jacinto, Operation Hollowstorm, and the Second Battle of Azura.


Current MembersEdit

  • SSgt. Tory White-Squad Leader of Helix and one of the three veteran members of Helix, love intrest of Creighton Pershing.
  • Cpl. Creighton Pershing- The second in command and demoman for Helix squad he is also one of the three veterans of the squad and love intret of Tory White.
  • Pvt. Logan Traps-The riflemen of Helix he was formerlly a Corporal but was demoted to a private after a bar fight.
  • PFC Kevin Riley-The Fire Weapons Specalist in Helix he was the boot before Adam came along and has been demoted multiple times for incedints with stranded.
  • Pvt. Adam Hotchkiss-The Scout and "boot" of Helix he always has an eager attitude and was the butt of Creighton's joke until the Lightmass Offensive.
  • Sgt. Ashley Young-The C1 Desipich Phoenix commander, one of the three senior members of Helix, and the sole survivor of the Lightmass C1 crew.
  • Cpl. Lois Chung-The gunner of the C1 Phoenix and former member of the Onyx Guard.
  • PFC Megan Rhodes-A former stranded that enlisted in the COG to help her parents.
  • Pvt. Kelly MacIntyre-A former UIR Pariah tank commander who was captured and after E-Day sent to a birthing farm where she was declared Barren and sent to rplace the Lightmass C1 crew.

Former MembersEdit

  • Lt. Lee Royce-KIA-Former squad leader Killed during the West Berricade Campaign
  • PFC Kevin Finsen-KIA- Former fire weapons specalist killed by a Scorcher malfunction
  • Pvt. Catlin Richards-WIA-Former C1 Driver wounded by a Ticker.
  • SSgt. Dennis Parker-Reassigned-Former Scout who was reasigned to Zulu Squad as squad leader.
  • Pvt. Mary Packet-KIA-Former C1 Radiomen tank flipped into a river by a Berserker, her body was found.
  • Sgt. Eric Gunner-MIA-Former C1 Commander his tank was flipped over by a berserker and fell into a river his body was never found and the only known survivor Ashley Young.
  • Pvt. Bart Hemmingway-KIA-Former Riflemen, killed by a Brumak during West Barricade Campaign when Creighton was unable to save him.
  • Pvt. Connor Randolph-KIA-Former C1 Gunner who was killed when a Berserker flipped the tank into a river.
  • PFC Tim Kent-MIA-Former Scout, Tim was dragged down an Emergence Hole during the Lightmass Offensive.


  • There is a rumor that Helix Squad is cursed, and that any soldier who doesn't die in the first month will survive the war.

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