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Jacinto Plateau, Tyrus

Date Founded

During the Silver Era; exact date unknown


Approximately 300,000 as of 13 A.E.




Coalition of Ordered Governments


Hethsgar was a COG city located on the Jacinto Plateau. During the Silver Era, Hethsgar was home to the Viceroyalty of Hethsgar, a modestly-sized feudal kingdom. Allfather Prime and founder of the COG Nassar Embry claimed to be descended from one of Hethsgar's Viceroys.

Following E-Day, like most cities on the plateau, Hethsgar was transformed into a military fortress. Despite this, in 13 A.E. the Locust Horde attacked Hethsgar, laying waste to the city with relative ease, despite the Locust's leader being killed during the battle.

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