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Unit Background


  • Ephyra (3 B.E. - 10 A.E.)
  • Jacinto City (10 A.E. - 15 A.E.)
  • Clayvale (15 A.E. -)
Unit size

Four to Five Gears


SGT Bran Ó Ruaidh (3 B.E. - 2 B.E.)

  • SSG Seve Del Olmo (2 B.E. - 5 A.E.)
  • SGT Tod Hallman (5 A.E. -)
Current Status



Hotel-Three is a fire-team sized COG Army unit formed in 3 B.E., within the 74th Royal Tyran Infantry. Originally under the command of Colonel Jude Fitzroy, it was folded into platoon Iota-357 after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, under the command of Donald Berkeley.


Current MembersEdit

  • SGT Tod Hallman - Squad leader (Joined in 2 B.E.)
  • CPL Yoshiro Fukui - Rifleman
  • PFC Anfisa Lagunov - Sniper
  • PFC Tommy Leigh - Rifleman

Former MembersEdit

  • SGT Bran Ó Ruaidh - Squad leader (Joined in 3 B.E., KIA as of 2 B.E.)
  • SSG Seve Del Olmo - Squad leader (Joined in 2 B.E., MIA as of 5 A.E.)
  • CPL Aaron Willis - Rifleman (Joined in 2 A.E., KIA as of 15 A.E.)

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