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“…but to put plainly, I don’t think they did alot of maintenance before they abandoned the facility. I think they just made up entries in the log to make it look like they were doing their job.” (Raven McNight: Snowblind)

Location Edit

Hurl Dam is located next to a glacier lake north of Port Farrall in the mountain regions. The dam supplied all electrical output to the local communities, scattered throughout the territory, including the Plantire Immulsion Mining Station , until it’s abandonment ten years A.E.

The station originally provided power to Port Farrall, until the discovery and refinement of Immulsion, making the plant’s electrical output to the port, obsolete. However, the small communities, mining stations and missions continued to depend on the Dam for energy. The Dam also continued to provide power to the Plantire Immulsion Mining Station, located on the other side of the glacier lake.

Since it’s abandonment, all but one generator was left to decay, resulting in a backflow of excess output, stored in the facilities’ reserviors, while the electrical conduit that runs through a mountain next to the Dam remained sound and operational.


The Dam was originally going to be named after it’s contributor, James Wilkinson, a patron and benefactor for renewable energy through hydroelectricity. However, during the grand opening, Mr. Wilkinson became sickly, consequently resulting in him vomiting during the event of the ribbon cutting. From then on, it was later formally, nicknamed, Hurl Dam.

Snowblind Edit

In the story, Sigma squad make their escape to Hurl Dam to find refuge from an oncoming blizzard. Later, Baird was able to reconnect the "com" station, and contact command through the Dam’s, aging radio tower, while Raven managed to relocate them to the underground conduit, where they found shelter in one of the electrical stations.

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