Ivan Dartovitch
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Not yet, Comrade.

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Sgt Ivan Dartovitch is a Gear who was volountarily conscripted into the COG army after three years of walking in the wasteland between the cities of Jacinto and Duetchmara, he is heavily scarred and mentally wounded, he covers this by heavily drinking Amasec wich leaves him deluded and often in bad moods due to painful hangovers and migraines.

            "Comrade, it is not WHY you go there, it is HOW you get there. Believe me, i know from experience "
                                                                                                      Sgt Ivan Dartovitch


Ivan is a tall, withdrawn man, often speaking in deep Duetch. He served in the Duetchmarian City Defence Force (DCDF) and the COG, it is in the DCDF he recieved his two medals; the Golden Star (Showing considerate bravery in the face of Danger) and the Purple Star (Wounding in the Face of the Enemy) He was born in the Moscovian region of Duetchmara to Danka Dartovitch and Alexie Dartovitch, his father taught him to shoot and how to kill with a blade, honing this skill he is capable of killing anything with a large enough blade. With a thick tuft of Jet black hair and thin/light facial hair and a long battle scar running down the right side of his face, biting deep in his lip, his Right ear is partially gnawed of by a bloodmount bite. He always carries his Modified Boltok pistol with him, it is larger and stronger than most pistols carried by Gears at this time. As well as his Boltok, he carries his Lancer, which lost its chainsaw blade to the same Bloodmount that took his ear, the beast rider was the last to fall to this blade. his lancer now carries a torchlight, strapped on the front by Bonding Tape. He is always complaining on how it always runs out of power right before a battle. His squad knowing the sign to get to cover as the as the telltale flicker on the end of Ivan's rifle. He is a Member of Sierra squad along with Charlie Bunter, Lillian Perry, Barty Holt and "T'sar" (Another Duetchmarian).

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