'"I am the best bad-ass Jack Carmine of the Carmine families."

"No. You're just another rookie of the Carmine families who is an amateur."

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison

Private Jack Carmine is the cousin of Anthony, Benjamin, Clayton Carmine, and Camille Carmine. Like his cousins Anthony and Ben, he is very enthusiastic, respecting veteran Gears like Marcus Fenix, and likes wearing a helmet because he thought he will look cool. Jack Carmine is the youngest squad member and a sniper expert in the Tony-One squad.


Jack Carmine had a happy childhood days with dreams of becoming a COG soldier. When he was a kid, Jack, alongside his cousins Ben and Anthony (except Clay), are afraid about the legends of the Boogeymen (Locusts). Boogeymen kidnap many children, which scared the shit out off Jack and his cousins. Get it? Scared the shit out of them! Jack's mother and father fought many enemies during the Pendulam...Pende...F this, just before the Locust War. The parents survive, but it is Jack's turn to survive. As a young adult, Jack joined the army to live up his dreams. After graduating from the academy, Jack was the second to be voted "most likely to get shot". The first voted is his cousin Anthony Carmine. Many COG laugh secretly, including the would-be-friend Allis Madison. During the Human-Locust War, Jack Carmine befriended five COG soldiers: Allis Madison, Martin Felab, Joseph Joson, Mara Guis, and Anny Kimberly. All of them became best friends. Later, all the best friends will be known as Tony-One, with Martin as the squad leader.

First Mission of the Rookies who almost got killed because of their ignorance and lack of combat experience but they survive somehow for some pathetic reasons. Rookies, always obey the Golden Rules of the Gears! If not, die with honor. You fools.Edit

"My sniper gun keeps on jamming..."

"Carmine!! Sniper!! Keep your head down!! Damn It!!"

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, moments before Allis saves Jack from a Locust Sniper

As the Lightmass Offensive begins, the squad Tony-One was deployed to a safe area in Ephyra. Their objective is to link up with Alpha squad. But the objective failed because Tony-One was ambushed by the Locust. They are force to abandon the objective and try to survive. Jack Carmine was almost killed by a Locust Sniper when he tries to fix his jammed longshot sniper rifle gun, exposing his head from cover. It was Allis who save Jack from a painless death. After the Locust Sniper was killed by Allis the rest of the squad move on. With the squad leader's best tactics, the Tony-One was able to survive from the Locust. With his customized Boltok Pistol called Carmine Magnum, Jack killed three Drones in three headshots and twenty-five Wretches (Jack called the Wretches "Monkey Dogs").

Don't Bother The Berserker! You Idiot!Edit

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Why is it always happening to me!!!"''

-Jack Carmine, while being chase by a Berserker

When the squad Tony-One wander around in the city Ephyra during the Lightmass Offensive, trying to avoid the Locust, Jack Carmine was separated from them to look for ammo for his customized Boltok Pistol but accidently awaken a Berserker. Jack tried not to make a sound when the Berserker, a female Locust monster who is blind, is finding her prey. Unexpected, the Berserker can smell Jack and, having no other option, ran for his life and screaming as the Berserker finally found him and chase him. Jack's scream alerted his friends. After Jack out run the Berserker, he tried to warn his friends about the Berserker. But the Berserker finally found the group gathering. Everybody panic when the Berserker charges at them. They then split up, each running and finding a place to hide. Joseph hid inside a trash can with dead bodies in it but he didn't made a scream. The Berserker lost the group but still searches for them. Jack, finding a place to hide, ends up at Allis' hiding place. Allis blamed Jack for trying to get his friends killed after he was chased by the Berserker to the group. She then abuses Jack, who is trying to apologize in vain, but later found the Hammer of Dawn from a dead COG. Allis grabs the still-working Hammer of Dawn and sets out to confront the Berserker. Jack tries in vain to stop Allis because it is very risky. As the Berserker approach the trash can that Joseph was hiding in, Jack yelled at the Berserker, calling her a mindless female widow idiot, just in time to save Joseph. The Berserker chase Jack while Allis is preparing her Hammer of Dawn. Jack yelled to Allis to hurry up. Then, Allis targeted the Berserker with her weapon and laser beam from the sky killed the Berserker easily. After that, everybody is okay for now. Jack was warned by Martin to always stay in the group and stop doing anything very stupid. Jack responded by saying, "Hey, I was just looking for ammo. Not for bad luck." Allis then punched Jack in the face to teach him a lesson.

Drones, Boomers, you gotta be kidding me. I prefer calling them Boogers Edit


"Can we just call those Locusts 'Boogers'."''

-Martin Felab and Jack Carmine, when the Tony-One is ambushed by the Locusts yet again

Stranded with the StrandedEdit

"Those Stranded smell funny and might be retards."''

"Hey! Watch your mouth. We're poor and helpless because of the Locusts, you idiot!!"''

-Jack Carmine and Peter the Stranded, who is smart

The Black Bat ThingiesEdit

"Oh God! Its the Black Bat Thingies!"

"They're called Krylls, you dumbass!"

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison

Roaming around. We need a rescue before those Boogers are going to get usEdit


"You already have water, dumbass."

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, while the Tony-One squad is looking for a extraction

Brumak or Rex. Oh Screw this!Edit

"No! No! No! A Brumak??! Can things get any worse?!!"''

"We will survive this when we stop complaining and stop being cowards! Now lets ROCK!!!"''

Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, moments when Tony-One saw the Brumak

Stranded again but foundEdit

"Finally!! We're going home!! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!"

-Jack Carmine, after the Tony-One squad were rescued by a King Raven

Aftermath of the Lightmass Offensive and a sad news that will make you cry.Edit

"Anthony is dead? No...he cannot die on his first mission. His not even strong enough. He suppose to keep his head down. Oh God... Lord have mercy..."

"I'm sorry, Jack."

"Anthony Carmine died as a hero. Don't you ever forget. We, the Carmine families, will avenge him! I swear! Death to the Boogers!!!"

-Jack Carmine and Martin Felab, after Martin sent a sad news to Jack.

All Out Attack on the Locust Horde! You are still Rookies who survive the Lightmass Offensive! Don't die on your next missions because everything will be insanity!! Go kick the asses of the Locusts!!! I dare you.Edit

"Mortars!! They are going to hit us. I guess the Locusts know we are coming. Hope this Assault Derrick have enough damage resistance."

"Oh crud!! I think I'm going to throw up!!!"

"You got Derrick Sickness. Ha!"

Allis Madison and Jack Carmine, moments before Nemacyst mortars started bombing the invading COG

In the Hollow of the Locusts. Just call the Locusts "Boogers".Edit

"We need to find the rest of our squad."

"Roger that. Right after I throw up."

-Allis Madison and Jack Carmine, after their grindlift landed on the Hollow

A giant big fat WormEdit

"The Locust destroyed a city...with a worm?!!

"The Boogers have gone too far!!"

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, when the Tony-One squad witness the Riftworm destroying the city Ilima

Rescue the survivors of Ilima before the Locust captures them. Come on!! Humanity is dying!!! Move! move!! Jackasses!!Edit

"The locust are harvesting everybody!! Run while you still can!!"

"Aw crap...."

-A Ilima survivor and Jack Carmine, while the Tony-One squad are looking for survivors

Just Kiss Her Already!Edit

"Aw man..."

"Just do it Jack."

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, moments before they kiss because the rest of the Tony-One squad dared them to do it. You know what? Less romance, more action. What the f@%k! And it takes place at night, which is...

Okay, truth or dare? That's what the Tony-One squad use to embarressed (did I spelled that wrong?) each other. Like Marcus Fenix said "What a load of shit." The squad took shelter in the destroyed building. Martin, who wanted revenge on Allis, plays truth or dare. Martin dared Allis to kiss Jack. Jack never kiss a girl before, but he is very shy. The pair hesitated to kiss, but they did. And they fell in love...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. After the rest of their comrades fall asleep, Allis lead Jack into the secret location where they Allis was really hard on Jack, and Jack needs to get used to it after all the "agony". "You like that, retard?! You like that?!"-Allis "Please! Not too hard! I can't take it! Why is my helmet still on...? OH NO! IT HURTS!"-Jack The rest of the squad are never aware about this incident. Only a harmless Locust, who doesn't know how humans mate, watch distant away. Damn...

It is PayBack Time!!! Kick the ass of the Locust with your Centaur Tank (which is called Carmine Punch by Jack)Edit

"Feel the punch of the Carmine Punch!! Boogers!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahhahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahah!!!!!!"

"Damn, your annoying... Next time, I'm controlling the turret."

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, while Jack is firing the turret at the Locust in a Centaur Tank called Carmine Punch

This is the Battle of Jacinto that will end the Human-Locust War. This is it!!! End the war now so that we will all go home!!! God bless us all!!Edit

"You want some of this, Boogers!! Eat my BULLETS!!!"

"Damn it, Carmine. They are already dead!"


-Jack Carmine and Martin Felab, when Jack started to get crazy and shoot at the already dead Locust

Jacinto is sinking!!! Get out of there!!! The city will be flooded!!!1!!Edit

"We're screwed!!!"

"Not yet."

-Jack Carmine and Martin Felab, moments before the flood wipe out Jacinto

Another Carmine dead Edit

"Ben is dead?"

"Yup. Baird says his stomach got eaten by the hungry bug minions inside the giant worm. I'm sorry, Jack."

"No. NO! Clay is the last Carmine of his Carmine family! He must be save!"

"And how, exactly?"

"I don't know!!!"

-Jack Carmine and Allis Madison, after Allis bring news of Ben's demise

Personality and TraitsEdit

Just like his cousins Jack was "green as grass". Unlike his cousins Jack is a survivor. When he heard that Anthony was shot in the head by a Locust sniper because he expose his head, Jack was deeply sadden. He became more sad when Benjamin was killed in action. Despite the deaths of his cousins, Jack view them as the heroes of the Carmine families and brought great honor. Jack is goofy and clumsy because sometimes he had trouble reloading his weapons. He hated the Locust very much and calls them Boogers. Jack also wanted to ride a tank or a silverback because he said it will make him cooler and stronger and excited. He has a customized Boltok Pistol named Carmine Magnum. Jack Carmine has a crush on Allis Madison, despite that she beat him up and insulted him all the time when he cause trouble. He is also a pervert, staring at Allis' "beautiful" ass and chest when there is a time left (which got him bullied by her if he were caught).

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