Sergeant Jack M Williams fought as a gear in the Locust Civil War but was injured badly by a unexpected mortar attack. Half of the squad he was in died, the rest were bleeding badly and close to death like Jack, the survivors were taken to locust torture barges. Two other gears were executed. The day came when Jack and three other gears were to be executed they were saved by Delta Squad. They were airlifted to Jacinto where the other survivors went the hospital. Jack joined the delta squad with cole, marcus,dom and baird. Jack became a sergeant after twenty years and now commands delta squads fifty gears in the battle against the locust horde and the lambent. The locusts first general, General RAAM was killed although the cog has lost lieutenant minh young in the fight. Jack now fights the locust queen and her second hand Skorge the leader of the kantus monks. Jack and Marcus now command delta squad against the locust army. skorge is still on the rampage but his tool of destruction the rift worm which can sink cities has been destroyed by delta squad but the locust army still stands strong and the fight rages on.

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