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J and T
Jacob Herman
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

23 BE

Date of Death

Still Unknown

Marital Status

Katherine D.


Tyler Herman

Physical Characteristics



170 lbs





Miscellaneous Information




"Let's bust the shit outta them!" -Jacob using the boomshield

Jacob is a brutal sniper and CQC expert. He will quietly laugh and curse every time he gets a headshot, he will cackle at the spray of blood from his chainsaw bayonet. It is still being debated among his squadmates whether or not he has gone insane. He looks similar to Tyler, but his eyes are closer to a brown color, and his hair is black. There are reasons, however, for his maniacal personality and looks.


Jacob is a very traumatized person. At an early age, his uncle exploded into a fireball because of a . During 18 B.E., he witnessed the explosion of a gas station, with a high amount of gore content. Even then, he could've kept his sanity- but a couple years after enlistment of the COG, after half of the remaining family he had had died, his sister was pulverized by a raging berserker in front of his eyes. Now, his only cares are his little brother and his wife, Tyler and Katherine. Otherwise, he could care less when, how and where he died.

His relationship with Tyler is something of a mystery. They will talk and joke together, however, as a general rule, Jacob and Tyler only will sometimes operate together. This is mostly because Jacob is protective of his little brother.


"Woohoo! I love this place!" -Jacob at the Assault on Landown.

-Jacob has no middle name.

-Interestingly, he has a high amount of tolerance for anything. He can be insulted by anyone and laugh with them. He watched his parents die, and yet the trigger that killed his sanity was Grace's death.

-He has a favor for sniping, and has expert skills at CQC. This is also interesting, since range and CQC should be for different classes.

-Like as mentioned before, it is still debated whther he has truly any sanity left. It is likely he does, however, for he keeps himself alive only to protect his brother and wife.

-His favorite weapon set is the Lancer, Longshot, Snub, and Ink Grenades, but also has a passion for boomshields.

-Yet another interesting fact is that Jacob is a CQC specialist, but thinks the shotgun is a waste of ammo. Quote: "What the hell is a Gnasher useful for? It doesn't have any power or range or accuracy... its simply a waste of ammo."

Creator's Note

-The picture shown is one of both Tyler and Jacob. Jacob is the one with the sniper rifle out, and Tyler is the one with a lancer out.

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