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James' Helmet

James "Squirt" Fenix
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

3 Years B.E.

Date of Death

Still Alive

Marital Status



Marcus Fenix (Cousin), Elenore Fenix (Grandmother, MIA), Jacob Fenix (Grandfather, KIA)

Physical Characteristics



210 lbs.





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information




James Fenix is cousin of Marcus Fenix, he took Marcus' last name because James' parents abused each other terribly and in fear of becoming an orphan, he kept it a secret from all. James and Marcus never fully met except during the Assault on Jacinto. They were separated after the battle, but met in the outskirts of Jacinto, and there began a new journey.


Emergence Day

James Fenix was born three years before Emergence Day. That was the last day he saw his parents. His grandfather, Jacob Fenix, kept a letter from James' mother to him. James learned the truth when he became 12, when a fellow Gear, Janice Spears, taught him how to read.

Locust War

James was an important asset to Squad Zeta-One, due to his daring stunts, he saved the squads lives many times. During the Locust Assault on Jacinto, James killed a Corpser before it could crawl it's way to the Evacuation Zone, using his homemade Land Mines. James told the rest of the Gears and Stranded to leave now and come back for him in a turret-equipped King Raven. Janice tried to convince him to come, but he stayed and defended the Raven's takeoff. After the picked him up, they landed on the outskirts of Jacinto and met up with his cousin, Marcus Fenix.

Lambent Invasion

During the Lambent Invasion and the fall of the COG, James joined Marcus and Delta Squad to finish off the Locust and Lambent that killed his family. But, James heard the news of Chairman Richard Prescott's arrival in Vectes(New Jacinto) and the news that his uncle (and Marcus' father) Adam Fenix was alive. James was surprised of Marcus' need to find his father, and how he couldn't resist Marcus' urge. James finally gave in and accompanied Marcus and Delta Squad on their journey.

Personality and Traits

James is an energetic, outgoing Gear. He has the patience to wait for a shot when he wields a Rifle, but with any other gun he has an itchy trigger finger.


"I got an itchy trigger finger, just waitin' to be scratched baby!"

-James during his first recon mission

"Hold on Janice, I'll go get you a towel."

-James during Janice's first Chainsaw Kill

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