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James Garand
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before E-Day

Date of Death


Marital Status

Previously engaged, fiance killed on E-day

Physical Characteristics



176 lb





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



James Garand is an outstanding Gear, loyal, serious, and smart. He prefers CQB but is still powerful at long range, his favorite weapon is his modified scorture equipped with a bayonet. One of James's many weaknesses is his sence of invincibility. Another major fault is that he is a pyro. No known living being has ever seen his face. He carries a katana on his back along with a lancer. He uses bolo grenades and a gorgon pistol as well. His favorite pass-time is watching locost run around on fire while enjoying the pleasure of shooting at their feet with a lancer.

James deeply mourns the loss of his fiance, Catrina. He was inspired to become a gear just to claim revenge but now he fights for non-personal reasons. His sister, Caroline Garand, is a pilot fighting for the COG.No other relations are currently known.

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