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Biographical Information
Date of Birth

14 BE

Date of Death


Physical Characteristics



104 pounds

Miscellaneous Information

Locust Seargent of the 16th Lambent Squadron


Jiukils is a Lambent character in Gears of War Fanon. He is a very talented soldier, before he became Lambent. He is capable of wielding and using all Locust, aswell as all human, weaponry to a good degree. He favours a Lambent Bow and an Ink Grenade. He has a unique ability (much like General RAAM), to communicate with Kryll, aswell as Lambent Kryll. Jiukils is rival to a Commander Ritashkewl, a Locust in the Locust Army, they end up always fighting upon sighting, but it always ends up with an event in which the two are seperated or distracted by something, leaving their fight in stalemate. Jiukils is currently leading the 16th Lambent Squadron through the Locust Civil War.

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