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KR Zero-Five-Two
ManufacturerCoalition of Ordered Governments
PowerhouseDual blades
Crew1 pilot: Lt.L. Kudrow
1 crew chief: Lt.Bernie
Passengers12 Gears
Armament*Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
Entered ServiceMission to Hanover (Echo-One)
Exited ServiceSecond Battle of Azura
AffiliationCoalition of Ordered Governments

"Bitch! Why won't you just die!?"
— Lt.L. Kudrow before being shot down by Queen Myrrah's Tempest

KR-Zero-Five-Two was a King Raven that participated in the Echo-One's mission to Hanover and the Second Battle of Azura before being destroyed.


Mission to HanoverEdit

Second Battle of AzuraEdit



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