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KZ12 Infantry Automatic Weapon
Production information

Griskaya Weapons Manufacturing




Automatic rifle

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

Accepts 25-round box magazines, 75-round drum magazines, or belt feeds

Fire Mode

Automatic and three-round burst

Ammunition Type

6.62x48mm Full Metal Jacket Armor Piercing


Gas-operated short-stroke piston, rotating bolt

Rate of Fire

900 rounds per minute


5.58 minute of arc


Optimum range: 150 meters or less
Maximum range: up to 400 meters


Union of Independent Republics

The KZ12 Infantry Automatic Weapon, also commonly known as the Griska after its manufacturer, Griskaya Weapons Manufacturing, was the primary service rifle of the Union of Independent Republics military during the last three decades of the Pendulum Wars, as well as the primary service rifle of its home country of Gorasnaya during the initial stages of the Locust War. The KZ12 was known for its considerable heft, blistering rate of fire, and the fact that it was typically fed from a belt feed linked directly into the standard-issue Indie armor.

By the final stages of the war, however, some UIR units began replacing the KZ12 with the Mk. 1 Markza, a more conventional rifle design which was a cut down and rechambered version of the venerable GZ18 Markza marksman rifle. This included Ostrini troops garrisoned at Aspho Point during the Battle of Aspho Fields in 2 B.E.

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