Kantus of Blood

"Kill....Murder....Slaughter. These were the words of the Kantus of Darkness. Now we must follow!" - The Kantus of Blood

The Kantus of Blood was one of the three highly respected Lords of the Locust. He was in the Kantus Royales family, and served greatly to the locust.


His real name is unknown, so he is just called Blood for short.


He grew up learning the ways of fury and power. He fought his first battle against a group of COG soldiers, where he completely destroyed them. He stomped, punched and shot his way to victory. He continued being ountstanding in battle. He quickly raised through the ranks, until he actually was a personal assistant of the Queen.


Blood died protecting the Queen from an assasination attempt. The Queen was walking down a path along with hundreds of other Locusts. Blood knew something was up and he saw him. Dizzy was ontop of a rock, with a sniper rifle. Blood jumped. The bullet smashed through Bloods ribs, and mortally wounded him. He lay on the floor, gurgling and heard the distant screams as Beserkers ripped soldiers apart. He died alone.


Blood had a Chainsaw launcher, which launched small spinning blades at people. He wore a black robe, and was always covered in Blood.

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