Kantus of Death

"I will kill all! Anything, Human or Locust, that stands in my way, will be slaughtered!" - The Kantus of Death

The Kantus of Death killed anything because because he was a Renegade. He hated mostly, every living thing on Sera.


Death started training for the Locust, quite young and trained hard. Eventually, he failed. He was extremley angry at this, and killed everyone in the room with his Chainsaw spear, which he held with great power. He became a Renegade and killed all of his family and friends.


Neka De Penk, the Kantus Assasin, was alive at this point, and managed to track down Death. They had a fierce fist fight, ontop of a Gears base, which had been wiped out by Death. Soon, Neka De Penk brought Death to the ground and whispered, "Rest in Peace my Friend..," and dug his chainsaw Knife into Deaths heart. He died shortly.


Death wore black robes and wielded a Chainsaw Spear.


Death was a Renegade and fought in the Battle of Scars. He knew Anna 'Knife' Wells and Samuel Gordons.

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