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"And I could've shot you dead if I though you were a Locust" (Amber - 2:1 Shit goes down well)

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2 B.E

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Biography Edit

Not much is known about Kaylee, she was found starved and weak with her mother Kylie Amber by a roadside by a gear squad, since then she and Amber have been fighting the Locust/Human war. Kaylee is sometimes described as an annoying stubborn typical immature teenage girl. But she will save anyone in desperate situations, sometimes she needs to be saved especially when her curiosity goes a little too far. She has a very close bond with her "mother" Amber and has been with her ever since she changed from human.

Personality, Traits and Appearance Edit

Kaylee is a very modern, typical seventeen year old, with a difference. Her hair was originally brunette but since she changed into what she is now, her hair had become lighter in colour. She has a very stubborn attitude but will follow orders when asked, especially if those orders come from someone with more importance than her. She will occasionally rush into battle without thinking twice, which can have a disasterous effect when it goes badly wrong. After she had "changed", she became bonded with Amber which makes it seem like they're relationship parent and child like. Kaylee is very loyal to her friends and fellow soldiers and she will not hesitate to rush in to save anyone from danger without thinking of the dangers it could inflict on herself and others around her.

Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Kaylee's talent is a complete opposite to her mother's, she can lie herself and others out of danger with ease although there is a limit to what her lies can do. People with high IQ like Marcus and Baird can easily sense out when she's lying whilst people like Dom an Cole believe it instantly however it is currently unknown if Amber can sense when she's lying. Kaylee has what every normal Vampire has, infinite speed, strength and sense of smell. It is unknown if she has a second talent like Amber.

The Kingdom Coven Edit

Kaylee was once a member of the Kingdom Coven, but like her mother and so many others, she disagreed with their alliance with the Locust and so she fled to find another refuge, eventually she and Amber joined the COG in bid to defeat the Locust as well as to make a stand against their old coven for their betrayal...More Information To Follow

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