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Kloe Kaliso 1
Kloe Kaliso
Biographical information
Date of birth

8 BE

Physical description



Lancer Assault Rifle

Chronological and political information

Gear infantrywoman


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Kloe Kaliso was a Gear infantrywoman during the Human-Locust War, serving as part of Ion Squad. She is the younger sister of Tai and Rias Kaliso.

Early Life and Joining the COGEdit

Kloe was born eight years before E-Day, and grew up with the threat of the COG, UIR, and later Locust being able to crush her village in the South Islands at any moment. She wanted to fight, but her brothers wouldn't hear of it. Tai was especially set against her becoming a Gear, believing a woman shouldn't be subjected to the war, and knowing how the Cog treated women. When it came to a head, Kloe ran from home and joined the COG.

Like other women who had tried for service as a Gear, the recruitment officer was discouraging, but he allowed her to visit a military base to see it herself, which he hoped would dissuade her. A pair of Gears that had just won a challenge caught her when she was alone, but the young girl was easily able to 'break' the clumsy soldiers. The recruiter watched her make one yell for mercy and immediately signed her for basic training.

She thought about her brothers' words often, and was apprehensive to meet her first unit. Fortunately, she was assigned to Ion Squad. Sgt. Daniel McCormick was a warm-hearted family man, and squadmate Will Kulm had also run away from his family.

Service RecordEdit

Outskirts of JacintoEdit

On her first mission, the squad was taken by surprise and pinned down on a perimeter patrol in Jacinto. Grenadiers and Locust marksmen with Hammerbursts brought down most of the squad, including their sergeant. She and Will were the last alive, and pulled back into a storefront. Thinking quickly, Kloe used a frag grenade to blow a hole in the bathroom, providing them with an escape route back through the sewers to Jacinto Command. Upon return, Will was given a promotion, but Kloe did not begrudge him of it, as she didn't expect their superiors to take note of her.

River EncampmentEdit

The squad's next operation was to bring in a Stranded camp for drafting, and it did not go well, with a Gear wounded and another killed by a surprise Locust attack. She was ordered to leave in the APC by Will, leaving him and the Stranded man Wayne to fight off the Locust.

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